ViviPet x CD - Q + Big Head Bowl Bundle
ViviPet x CD - Q + Big Head Bowl Bundle
ViviPet x CD - Q + Big Head Bowl Bundle
ViviPet x CD - Q + Big Head Bowl Bundle
ViviPet x CD - Q + Big Head Bowl Bundle

ViviPet x CD - Q + Big Head Bowl Bundle



Whether you have a personal chef like moi or a human parent to cater to your dietary needs, every cat deserves to fine dine. From chicken pâté or croquettes with a turkey or fish sauce, I treat every meal as if I were eating in a Michelin rated restaurant.

    The Q Bowl is the epitome of functionality meets fashion. The bowls are elevated for maximum comfort and designed to center food rather than having food scattered all over for the maids to clean up. The bowls are dishwasher and microwave safe, which is sure to keep your humans happy. 

    The Big Head Bowl is also designed with your cat's healthy eating habits in mind: no standing eating here, only crouching. With a modern touch and offered in a variety of colors, the bowl is intended to mess-free lapping. No need to worry about a human scolding after splashing water in an unladylike fashion with the Big Head Bowls!

    Now that we’ve covered the fine dining portion of the #ChoupettesDiaryXViviPet collection, we are offering you and your humans an added bonus in our exclusive combo gift set. You have the chance to try a revolutionary product: Snowball Tofu Cat Litter. 

    As a lady, I try my best not to discuss such gross bodily functions that lead to using cat litter, but let’s be frank: it’s nature dahhhling! Plus, this isn’t your average stick to your paw, stink up the château litter. The Snowball Tofu Cat Litter is biodegradable and environmentally safe, produced from natural bean curd and corn starch with an ultra-soft texture that aids felines with sensitive paws. Since the litter is dust-free, it not only helps protect the respiratory system but also the home, leaving the surrounding area cleaner than regular litter. The super absorbency and deodorizing quality of the litter quickly soaks up (insert unladylike bodily fluid) and neutralizes strong odors on contact. As if those are not enough benefits, your maids will love that it’s non-stick solid clumping makes scooping easy. You’re welcome humans!

    *Bowl Combo includes one Big Head Bowl and one Q Bowl. If you add the litter to your bowl combo, you will receive a full size bag of Snowball Cat Litter AND a 20% ViviPet coupon which can be used towards your future tofu litter purchases.


    • Bowls: Ceramic
    • Litter: Bean-Curd, Starch


    • Big Head Bowl: 8x7x9 inches
    • Q Bowl: 7.5x5.5x7 inches
    • Litter Bag: 8x3x10 inches


    • Pink
    • Teal
    • Purple


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