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Whether you have a personal chef like moi or a human parent to cater to your dietary needs, every cat deserves to fine dine. From chicken pâté or croquettes with a turkey or fish sauce, I treat every meal as if I were eating in a Michelin rated restaurant.

While Daddy Karl Lagerfeld was here *holds back tears*, he allowed me to eat alongside him. I dined seated on the table beside the humans as if I were one of them. Following Daddy’s passing, things have gradually changed and although I no longer have my partner in crime seated to my left (which is my good side FYI), I try to continue living the lifestyle I grew accustomed to. Today, I dine using the #ChoupettesDiaryXViviPet collection, which make me feel like I am again dining like a queen.

If dining in style isn't enough to entice you, dahhhling, we are offering an added bonus gift in our exclusive combo gift set that is sure to please your own Daddy (and/or Mommy). You’re welcome humans!


ViviPet x CD - Q + Big Head Bowl Bundle
ViviPet x CD - Q + Big Head Bowl Bundle


ViviPet x CD - Q + Big Head Bowl Bundle

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