Polydactyl Cats

As a self-described “Foodie”, I pride myself on knowing the hautest restaurants, chefs, and food. Between my cravings for caviar and pâté, I fantasize about being back in Japan dining on the finest sushi. My mouth waters and I can practically taste it melting on my rough pink tongue.

Since I can’t always borrow the PJ (that’s private jet for you, humans) to fly off to Japan, I turn to my imagination to tantalize my tastebuds. Thanks to the #ChoupettesDiaryXPolydactylCats collaboration, I can satisfy my cravings with the plush sushi sets.


    Polydactyl Cats X CD - "Sushi" Catnip Toy Set
    Polydactyl Cats X CD -


    Polydactyl Cats X CD - "Sushi" Catnip Toy Set