Polydactyl Cats

As a self-described “Foodie”, I pride myself on knowing the hautest restaurants, chefs, and food. Between my cravings for caviar and pâté, I fantasize about being back in Japan dining on the finest sushi. My mouth waters and I can practically taste it melting on my rough pink tongue.

Since I can’t always borrow the PJ (that’s private jet for you, humans) to fly off to Japan, I turn to my imagination to tantalize my tastebuds. Thanks to the #ChoupettesDiaryXPolydactylCats collaboration, I can satisfy my cravings with the plush sushi sets.


Polydactyl is a cat toy company specializing in custom printed food-themed cat toys. Founded in 2010 by artist Randi Warhol, Polydactyl refers to felines with more than the usual number of toes on their paws. Randi studied at FIT in New York City and earned a certificate in Pet Product Design and Marketing.


  • Domestic: 2-5 days; 1-3 (priority)
  • Canada: Approximately 7 days
  • International: Varies depending on country


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    Polydactyl Cats X CD - "Sushi" Catnip Toy Set
    Polydactyl Cats X CD -


    Polydactyl Cats X CD - "Sushi" Catnip Toy Set