Basepaws x CD - Cat DNA Kit

Basepaws x CD - Cat DNA Kit


Base Paws

This may come as a shock but my “Daddy” is not really my biological Daddy. In fact, I never knew my real father and let’s just say my mother was more of a stray. And, you know where that story goes.

Luckily I was given a life of luxury, one that my biological parents couldn’t provide. But, that doesn’t stop moi from laying awake at night wondering where I come from. Who am I? What am I? Deep, I know.

Thanks to Basepaws, I am closer to knowing the truth about my heritage and breed. The cat genetics company is focused on giving pet owners more information about their pets from their breed breakdown to unique traits (like baby blue eyes). Because your cat’s DNA can unlock the secrets to keeping their health in tip-top shape.

The Basepaws process is so simple, even a human can do it: activate the DNA kit, swab, send out the sample, and receive a personalized report. You never know, maybe your feline really does have royal Egyptian heritage. One can only dream!


  • US: Estimated delivery between 5-7 business days
  • Canada: Estimated delivery between 7-14 business days
  • Europe, CIS, and Japan : Estimated delivery between 14-17 business days


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